Frizzen Spring: NOT a Christmas Concert

Coaching House Music & Arts, house concert – address given upon reservation, Barrie, ON

Musical fusion collaborative Frizzen Spring presents "Not a Christmas Concert"

Coaching House Music & Arts, Barrie $20 limited seating – please reserve by contacting or (705) 727-1962

No jingles, no jangles, no sliding of sleds No plump sugar fairies abuzz 'round your beds No Donner or Conner or Fritzen and Blitzen Or some guy trying to get into your chimney, Like, what's up with that?

Led by pianist/organist Marilyn Reesor and cellist Alyssa Wright, Frizzen spring is an ever-changing ensemble of performance artists, presenting eclectic and engaging music from the world of classical and beyond. Our musical guest for this concert is singer/songwriter Colin Burch.

There'll be a little bit of Stravinsky, a little bit of Piazzolla, some funky slap cello, Irish tunes, jazz standards... wherever the Spring sends them... but no Bing Crosby.