February Blue @Take Note! Music House

Take Note! Music House, given upon reservation, Barrie, ON

The Take Note! Music House in collaboration with Coachinghouse Music & Arts presents the eclectic musical stylings of Frizzen Spring on Friday, February 28 at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00). Requested donation is $20, with all proceeds going directly to the artist. You may reserve your seat by emailing concerts@takenotepromotion.com or calling 705-305-1687.

for up-to-date info, please visit https://takenotepromotion.com/event/3703860/516633676/frizzen-spring-february-blue

ZipBang, where will the spring send them next? This month, it’s to the world of “February Blue” – what could that mean? An evening of The Blues? Heck, no – that would require far too much consistency. Although there will definitely be some bluesy flavours in the mix, there will also be Klezmer showtunes, theatrical tangos, a waltz or two, do-you-even-know-how-many-songs-and-pieces-have-the-word-blue-in-them?!?, and maybe they’ll even play music in other colours because NOBODY PUTS FRIZZEN SPRING IN A CORNER!!!